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Bob Harvey – Ponsonby Laughter Club

Bob 2

“Again and again, from their widely different perspectives, the presenters showed how laughter, even pretend laughter, while it may not directly cure problems, assists enormously with the cure; though it doesn’t solve problems it helps dissolve them. So it is a complementary modality, with specific benefits for stress, depression and anxiety, so commonplace today. These stresses flood the body with cortisol and adrenaline, whereas laughter gives us the endorphins and serotonins which boost our immune system and make us feel so much better.”

Your genetic heritage defines about 50% of your ability to cope with life; another 10% comes from the circumstances in which you find yourself; the remaining 40% is that portion potentially under your control. This is the area of life skills, where laughter can directly contribute to your wellbeing. Remember that your head brings creativity, your heart brings compassion, and your solar plexus brings courage. All three contribute to a full life. And be aware that nobody’s life is under control – all you can do is take one breath at a time, then the next, and the next.What is important is to say “No!” to negativity. The events that occur in your life, especially those up to age 7, get filed away in your personal filing system, indexed by multiple keys: words, smells, colours, moods, etc. But you are in control of the files and can choose to remove an item from the system when it is no longer useful – you can press Delete. So when you are angry for example, be Aware of the anger, Acknowledge the anger as something from your files, and Accept that it may no longer be a useful defence, so it can be deleted. And laughter is the energy which helps you become aware, helps you acknowledge, and helps you accept and thus transcend what life throws at you.Overall the emphasis was on connecting, giving, taking notice, keeping on learning, and being active in your life. Conclusion: the more you laugh, the better you get!