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Get to know the crew behind the 2015 Laughter Wellness Convention!

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Hannah Airey

Director Workplace Wellbeing, Chair Lotus Community Wellbeing Trust, Laughter Practitioner and Trainer. Hannah’s passion is wellbeing and sharing valuable tools with individuals, groups and organisations. She has 8 years experience in developing and facilitating workshops aimed to increase positive workplace culture and wellbeing by combining evidence based principles of positive psychology, Five Ways to Wellbeing and laughter wellness.


Hannah is the Director of Workplace Wellbeing, Chair of Lotus Community Wellbeing Trust, is an Associate of the Mental Health Foundation and also works part time for Gap Filler Trust. She has a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, and knows well the holistic model of needing to consider the whole body when it comes true well ’being’.Hannah has worked professionally in a myriad of companies throughout London, Melbourne, Brisbane, and New Zealand as a contractor to many private and public corporations within Human Resources departments.

Pat Armitstead

Joyologist, International expert in humour, engagement and wellbeing. Pat says to be fully self expressed is to have the courage to give vent to all that lies within you, harness your unique multi-intelligent capacities and then dare to make the art that lies in your soul!
The path to this is revealed as Pat shares the relationship between being good humoured, engagement and wellbeing and its influence on being fully self expressed.
The World’s First Joyologist, Pat Armitstead is an award winning speaker who has toured internationally with Patch Adams. Initially a Registered Nurse, Pat has worked in education and management roles for 40 years, in both business and health. She won the NSW Northwards Tourism Award for Media, was the most awarded Speaker at the 2000 National Speakers Convention and 2002 NZ Speaker of the Year. Dr Ric Coleman says “Pat Armitstead is New Zealand’s answer to Patch Adams”. She has also been likened to a Spiritual Midwife…delivering people out of the darkness.

Linda Woodgate

MNFSH(UK/NZ) SPMHNZ, ET (UK) CERT ED (UK) Linda has been involved in training and education for over 35 years, where she has taught personal and practical skills in the corporate field, the Forces and the educational arena. She is now using that diverse depth of knowledge and experience as an International life coach, delivering her philosophies in a fun and informative way using tasters from her supportive series called ‘Success of the Authentic You’.
Linda’s teaching experiences comes from a wide range of careers. The Navy, running war games when computers were the size of recreational centres. The police, with intense training for speaking to the media rather than that old expression “I was proceeding down the road in a northerly direction”. The TV industry, where CEO suddenly had to look good and animated in front of a camera. Suddenly they were seen and not a faceless boss in an ivory tower. Then running workshops on head massage, healing, ear candling and so much more and putting all those experiences together to create dealing with stress in everyday lives.

Gareth Edwards

Director, Positive Thinking. “I believe that individually and collectively we can make things better. Personally and professionally I have hopeful aspirations for people to live a life they love and to celebrate that within an inclusive society.My passion for this work is driven from a background in academia, health and social service delivery, and my own personal experiences.”
Gareth Edwards is a social psychologist and musician. He helps people and organisations work out what they want and how to get it.Born and bred in Manchester, Gareth was always ‘good at school’. So he stayed there until he was 25.He studied Social Psychology (Bachelor of Science, Honours) at Sheffield Hallam University. His thesis ‘The Beer Talking’ was published in the peer-reviewed Sociology and brought him his first 15 minutes of fame. He went on to study Applied Artificial Intelligence (Masters of Science, Honours) at the University of Aberdeen, where his thesis was software he wrote called Artificial Musical Intelligence (AMI) that composed jazz piano.
He returned to Sheffield to do a PhD on how creative people use computer technology. He’d probably be there still had his journey not been derailed. He began to experience extraordinary highs and lows which eventually led to a period of hospitalisation and a diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder.Placed on a new path, Gareth started working to help others. He spent several years helping people with alcohol, drug and gambling addictions, mental health diagnoses and experience of homelessness. He spent the next few years trying to ‘change the system’ by working in research centres, national foundations, government departments and universities.
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Christina Longley

Christina is a Facilitator & Wellbeing Practitioner who is passionate about making a difference in our communities and using Laughter Yoga to help people increase confidence, eliminate anxieties, have high self-esteem and overcome fears. She does this through Facilitating workshops, classes, and one-on-one sessions on Tools & Skills to build assist the person with a variety of issues including self-esteem, confidence, understanding emotions, and ways to deal with life’s challenges.
Christina has trained in the following areas: Cert Art Therapy, Reiki, Lomi Lomi Massage, Aromatouch Massage, Bars, Access Consciousness, NVC, Heartmath Heartsmarts, Laughter Yoga Teacher, and Kids Yoga and Relaxation
021 204 5550
Bob Harvey laughing

Bob Harvey

Bob has been involved with Laughter Yoga since 2006. He has been a regular leader of club sessions since 2009 and has also led corporate sessions, sessions for seniors and schoolchildren, as well as running regular leader training workshops and giving presentations about Laughter Yoga.
Bob is convinced from his own direct experience and the example of many others that regular Laughter Yoga sessions can benefit anyone willing to pretend to laugh. Whether you seek physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual well-being, Laughter Yoga can help.
Contact: 021 646 280 or bob.harvey@laughterworks.co.nz
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Hannah Sinclair

Hannah was a instant convert to Laughter Yoga – she found it so confronting she had to come back to work out why! She has kept up the practice for four years and is a member of the Dunedin Laughter Yoga team, who have also been providing laughter as a community service for over four years! When she isn’t giggling away for no reason, Hannah is an occupational therapist, project manager, and a yoga teacher, specializing in yoga for scoliosis, a condition she lives with. Hannah believes you can start to unwind from this twisty condition, using mindfulness and patience, as well as a little love and support.


For more information about Hannah and her journey to unwind from scoliosis, check out www.unwindyoga.co.nz